Top 10 Most Popular Magazines of 2013

A magazine is a collection of different articles in a publish form. It is a way to find out various articles on a particular subject in one place. The word magazine was derived from Arabic word Makhazin’ which mean storehouses. Therefore the complete mean of magazine is store houses of knowledge. Mostly magazines are published in English but some magazines are published in different languages. There are so many magazines in every topic like fashion magazine, sports magazine, teen magazine, news magazine and many others topics that we want. Here we mention top 10 most popular magazines of 2013 there names are below:

1.   People

2.   Family circle

3.   National Geographic

4.    Good housekeeping

5.    Reader’ degusts 

6.    Better homes and gardens

7.    Game informer

8.   AARP the magazines

9.   Awake

10.  The watchtower

These are the top 10 most popular magazines of 2013.


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